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"You are the ones who touch the visitors' hearts"
Yad Sarah reporter, volunteer Ora Maloul, reports from an assembly for paying homage to volunteering guides in The Israeli Giving Experience Center - an innovative, experiential center located in Yad Sarah's Jerusalem house * Photographs of moments in the conference were taken by volunteer Eli Cohen, YS sites photographer and a guide in the new center
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Yad Sarah and Yad Riva: Winning The Battles For The Elderly
Yad Riva Legal aid for the elderly seeks to inform Israel’s at-risk indigent elderly population about their legal rights, and assist them in understanding and accessing their entitlements * Yad Riva services are conducted with the aid of over 100 volunteers (the vast majority of them lawyers) across Israel. Collaboration with Yad Sarah enables Yad Riva to operate from in Yad Sarah branches nationwide and currently Yad Riva operates from more than 20 cities - from Arad in the south to of Tiberias in the north – assisting thousands of elderly people every year * More on Yad Riva see here in the Jerusalem Post story
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Yad Sarah Managing Director Moshe Cohen speaks about Yad Sarah's 20 unique and unprecedented services.* Below is what he conveyed when he took part in Yaniv Meiri's "Kol Barama" radio program, together with other directors of charitable and rescue organizations.* In the photo – Managing Director Moshe Cohen with Yad Sarah founder and president Uri Lupolianski
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Much more than lending wheelchairs
Yad Sarah? Sure, everybody knows: this is where you can borrow wheelchairs and crutches. This phrase is being heard often in meetings of Yad Sarah envoys with people of all different sectors of the Israeli society. Not being aware of the variety of services offered by Yad Sarah, also professionals may have the same concept of the organization's nature. To illustrate this reality, director of Home and Community Services Anat Ben Zaken presents the story of one family
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Bridge across Generations: The Erica Force
Erica is a holocaust survivor who comes with volunteer “bodyguards” from the border police for dental treatment at Yad Sarah * A follow-up visit with Erica, and a moment of connection between generations at Yad Sarah, which specializes in significantly improving the quality of life in old age * A video by Shikumon volunteer and Yad Sarah correspondent, Eli Cohen
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Petach Tikva: Gal Or Brings a Donation on Behalf of All Her Classmates
Not being satisfied with just talking, they initiated a happening at the town park, added one shekel to another, and submitted the donation to Yad Sarah * Thanks to the 6th grade pupils of Haim Hefer elementary school in Petach Tikva * Thanks to the parents and teachers for educating the children about the values of giving * In the picture: student Gal Hayoun hands over the donation
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Eliana Promises to Return
She came from the USA for a year of learning and connecting with her roots, and found what she wished for at the Exhibition and Guidance Center (directed by Shani Rosenfeld) at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem * Eliana Dixada, a physiotherapy student, returns to her studies in Boston but declares: once in Yad Sarah – always in Yad Sarah; at YS the staff is really interested in helping people, which is so inspirational. I will come back to you
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When a patient cannot reach the clinic – the clinic reaches the patient
Meet Na'ama Bronski, senior dental assistant who collaborates with Dr. Neriya Shmelov and Dr. Tamar Kertin Gabay in providing dental services to many in the community - at the clinic in Yad Sarah center as well as at the very homes of patients whose mobility is limited * YS's reporter Millet Malka Yahalom went out to interview and returned without any pains
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Equal Employment for All: At Yad Sarah It Is Already Happening at “Yad LeTa’asuka Shava”
Yad Sarah is working to integrate people with disabilities into the workforce by helping to make the process simple and easy for employers. In the photo: Integrating people with disabilities into the entire spectrum of its facilities is part of the organizational culture of Yad Sarah. Here Public Relations and Fundraising Director Sepideh Yom Tov awards a Certificate of Appreciation to Gali Shemesh, who is responsible for Information Systems at the department.
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In the Solomon Schechter School in Westchester, New York, they do more than just talk about their love for the Jewish state, they do something about it * A group of students got together and decided to bake cakes and hold a bake sale to raise money for Yad Sarah in Jerusalem, an organization best known for its medical equipment lending service* The teens arrived in Israel and headed straight for Yad Sarah’s Jerusalem headquarters with check in hand* They then rolled up their sleeves and helped clean and ready recently returned .wheelchairs to be lent out once again to others in need
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Behind the Camera: Between Terror and Renewal- Expressions of Hope and Spiritual Strength
Volunteer Michael Cohen used his camera in an attempt to visually express the reality of living with terror. Cohen captured moments from the drawing class at Yad Sarah’s Day Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem and contrasted them with daily headlines describing deadly terrorist attacks that have left deep scars, both physical and emotional. To see the short video: click here.
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The numbers speak
The numbers speak for themselves: Israel’s hospitals are increasingly experiencing a shortage of needed beds and, as the situation worsens, Yad Sarah’s home hospital service is more vital to the Israeli health system than ever before. Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, “It’s hard to imagine the health system in Israel without Yad Sarah.” *David Rothner brings facts and figures from 2015* In the photo: At the Equipment Lending Center at Yad Sarah House
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“Yad Sarah expands assistance to tourists with disabilities who want to see the country – we want to help them fulfill their dream”
President and founder of Yad Sarah Uri Lupolianski on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities * photo: A group of tourists from a sheltered housing community in New Jersey at the entrance to Yad Sarah in Jerusalem – the guests visited Jerusalem in Yad Sarah’s wheel chairs
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The Seeing Hands of Volunteer Salomon Bitton
Though blinded during his military service, he found the way to volunteer in Yad sarah* When treating stroke (CVA) survivors, he is able to immediately feel with his hands what would have escaped the attention of other therapists who can see* Congratulations to Salomon Bitton, volunteer of Yad Sarah rehabilitation center in Be'er Sheva, on his being awarded the Minister of Welfare Shield for Excelling Volunteers
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Residents of the Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living in New Jersey have visited Israel in the past. They were assisted in achieving their dream trip by Yad Sarah's foreign desk, and were supplied with wheel chairs. * They visited the Western Wall, along with many beautiful sites. * The senior living facility's administration has recently announced that it has decided to organize another dream trip for those who were unable to come to Israel until now, which will take place during the winter of 2015. * We will warmly welcome the group, and again extend a helping hand to realize their dream
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Rambam Medical Center, Haifa: Reaching out to others at moments of happiness and of heartbreak
From a series of articles that introduce Yad Sarah volunteers from branches throughout the country. Series creator: Shekedia Cohen

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Ra'anana: How can an organization run by volunteers succeed in granting so many services
A delegation of medical professionals from Chile, Mexico and Argentina visiting Ra'anana's Yad Sarah center * Avraham Karni, volunteer with the information staff in the center, documented and photographed * Thank you Ra'anana team

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Documenting Together a Beacon of Doing
Haim Shibi, director of communication at Yad Sarah, sums up the year* Thanks go to whoever provided us with documentation of the volunteers' various activities, who took pictures of the Israeli society's beautiful face, who translated to English moments of giving* In the picture: The Jerusalem rehabilitation center

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Doing something for my own wellbeing as well as for others * The story of Meytal Helfenbaum
In the picture: Meytal watches herself driving the Nehonit in Yad Sarah's presentational video clip

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First-ever effort between hospital, Yad Sarah and taxi company to ensure newborns are taken home safely
JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH The JERUSALEM POST * PHOTO: shaare zedek medical center director-general Prof Jonathan Halevy with Yad Sarah director-general Moshe Cohen

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Join Us Now

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Yad Sarah sees rise in 'home hospital' equipment due to hospital overcrowding
Last year, Yad Sarah lend out 303,000 pieces of equipment to keep the elderly, lonely, injured and sick at home rather than be hospitalized * The Jerusalem Post * By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH

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The story behind the life story
How did a charitable organization known internationally for its medical equipment lending service par excellence become also an organization that records the life stories of elderly Israelis as a legacy for their families? * Yad Sarah volunteer Charna Duchanov tells the story behind the story

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Rina Brings Creativity to the Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center
Yad Sarah website volunteer, Eli Cohen, invites us to meet Rina Kramer, who presides over the artistic activities in the Beit Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center. The patients choose their craft - sculpture, painting, weaving, jewelry or embroidery -- Rina provides skill and guidance

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Beit Safafa: Amina Aliyan speaks the Yad Sarah language
YS site reporter Sumiya Al Nabari talks with the director of the Jerusalem Beit Safafa branch

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Transverse Marketing: Entering, Getting more than was asked for originally
Dr. Yosef Hammerschlag, director of Yad Sarah's branch in Kiryat Shmona, describes moments of giving

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Annual Summary: More Equipment to More Families
Significant Rise in the Amount of Activity in the Home -hospital Service

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Bat Mitzvah Tour
By our volunteer YS writer Edna Shmueli

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Yad Sarah means salvation
The story of Rosalind Hershkovitz (in the picture) about what she found at Yad Sarah during some tough moments of her life

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Vision impaired can borrow and try out Yad Sarah monitors that magnify texts
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich * Jerusalem Post

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Video: See How We Give

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Emergency beepers available from Yad Sarah to protect lonely and aged
The Jerusalem Post * by By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH

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Soldiers know: you can count on Meir
Meet Yad Sarah's special equipment specialist Meir Greenwald

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A hug from the heart
The smiles on the children's faces said it all: they were happy to spend a day of fun at Yad Sarah, far from the frequent sirens and missile threats in their hometown of Ashdod

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The little tourist from England will receive all the equipment she needs
“We are arriving in Israel from England and we would like to know whether our little daughter, who requires special equipment, will be able to obtain it”

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Television travel-show personality Eyal Peled, 54, who suffered a stroke about 5 years ago -here for Yad Sarah: From World Tour to the Road to Rehabilitation

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Come take a walk with me
By YS Volunteer Charna Duchanov

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From New York With Love
Gail and David Weinstein Are Giving A Warm Hand To Yad Sarah

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Better than Pills and Psychological Therapy
Dalia Lahav, a member of Pesek Zman (time out) club, talks with volunteer Ora Maloul, reporter of Yad Sarah internet site

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Chemda and Amos met at Yad Sarah's Shikumon (rehabilitation center) in Beer-Sheva, and have decided to get married! Our "family" is elated over this first-time event * by our volunteer Miriam Kopeika

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Cilla discovers the Shikomon
and she loved every minute of being there and giving * saying goodbye and hoping to see you back with us - soon

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Salute to a Donor
Lee Friedman, friend of Yad Sarah and contributor, came to Israel from the States in order to see for herself the two vehicles she donated. One of them (pictured) is a nechonit, a unique van which safely transports the wheelchair-bound.

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Homecare Now
by Jacqueline Miller * with the help of Yad Sarah's dedicated staff, and with Yad Sarah's appliances, most of the time we were able to avoid hospital parking problems, losing our way through the confusing hospital corridors and huge buildings, and to avoid the high cost of staying near the hospital, when our loved ones needed medical care

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A mother copes : Come with the grandchildren for an outing following the “bimba” of Grandma Shkeydia Cohen
Yad Sarah website correspondent Sara Hasin brings the words and writings of Shkeydia Cohen * A woman, mother, and volunteer occupational therapist – who has not let multiple sclerosis block her will to live a life of significance amid her family and community * On Shkeydia’s professional contribution at the Exhibition and Guidance Center

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THANK YOU Bob and Suzan Schwell
Leaore Seigle, Yad Sarah news correspondent, tells the story of A Bridge of Chesed between Jerusalem and New York

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Disabled tourists- we have all the information you need
What we can and want to do for you - here

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