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A Video to Warm the Heart
This moving video was screened at the annual event of the Friends of Yad Sarah in London and illustrates more than 40 years of activity - for the benefit of all Israelis. * In the video, veteran volunteer Vivian London speaks about her long association with Yad Sarah and the help that was there for her when she needed it * Photography and Editing: Simon Maurer * Research and Production: Benny Cohen, Public Relations
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Yad Sarah Reaches Out to Help Muquadam
Meet Muquadam, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy from Tanzania. He came to Israel under the auspices of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an NGO that arranges vital operations for children from developing countries in need of cardiac surgery. And Yad Sarah gave him a wheelchair to take home. In the photo: Muquadam with his mother and Yad Sarah Tourism Director Nadia Alalu.
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So Much More Than Just Wheelchairs!
They asked about borrowing a wheelchair - they received a complete guide to hosting an elderly relative in a safe and accessible environment * Reported by Shani Rosenfeld, director of the Exhibition and Guidance Center at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem * In the photo: Students of Social Work and Health Services, guests from Israel and abroad, come to the Center and get reliable information based on many years of professional experience
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It's not just a catchphrase: Current medical knowledge indicates that leading a meaningful life can extend life expectancy and prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia * Chaim Shibi, Director of Communications, at a lecture by Dr. Yakir Kaufman, Director of the Department of Geriatric Neuropsychology at Herzog Hospital *

Last Sunday, a packed crowd at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem heard a fascinating lecture by Dr. Yakir Kaufman, director of the Department of Geriatric Neuropsychology at Herzog Hospital. Many in the audience expressed surprise at what he had to say. Yes, they knew that an active social life is better than isolation and loneliness, that peace and tranquility are healthier than stress and tension and most certainly than trauma. However, the data presented by the lecturer were even more definitive. The factors accelerating Alzheimer's disease and dementia divide into two categories: medical-physical and psychosocial. Classic examples of medical-physical factors include sleep disturbances such as sleep apnea, obesity, lack of physical exercise, smoking, diabetes, over consumption of alcohol, and poor nutrition. Examples of psychosocial factors are depression, lack of meaning and direction in life, stress and distress, and loneliness. A comparative study conducted about four years ago in Chicago yielded these amazing results: The psychosocial factors account for five times more deterioration of cognitive abilities in humans than do the physical factors. Governments spend billions every year in an effort to stop the decline of thousands of patients with dementia and Alzheimer's, and the situation is deteriorating rapidly. As the life expectancy of the population increases – so too the challenge to find a cure. To illustrate his point, Dr. Kaufman emphasized the part volunteering at an institution like Yad Sarah can play in the delay of dementia in the elderly. Volunteering involves many valuable activities and benefits. Planning how to accomplish a goal keeps the mind active. Satisfaction for a job well done and appreciated by others as well as the helping of those in need gives meaning to life. Working with people helps keep loneliness at bay. Volunteering gives people a break from feelings of isolation and makes them feel part of a family. It offers retired persons a way of utilizing their skills and talents in an accepting and non-stressful environment. For, indeed, what gives human beings the feeling they are leading a life full of meaning? Family connections. Activity. Professional satisfaction. Self-realization. Social interaction. Spirituality. Positive self-image. Working for the benefit of others. Active engagement in life entails responsibility and giving - that is, responsibility towards others, caring for their fate, taking practical steps to help improve their quality of life. Now it is clear that this active engagement in life means creating more brain cells, a significant health benefit. This simple equation has now been scientifically proven: When you improve the lives of others, you improve your own life.

First in Israel: Emergency Medical Center Staffed by Specialists
The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center Opens in Jerusalem

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Following in the Footsteps of a Beloved Daughter
A grieving mother chooses to honor her daughter by volunteering at Yad Sarah

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A Wedding and Yad Sarah
Ella and Girsch, immigrants from the FSU, recommit to each other and to the Jewish people in a moving ceremony organized by their friends at Yad Sarah

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Yad Sarah and Tikvah4Parkinson
Yad Sarah News talks to Devorah (Debbie) Shapiro, the force behind the new treatment program for Parkinson's patients at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem

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Third Graders Collect 500 Coins for Yad Sarah
The children wanted to help others less fortunate

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A Day at Yad Sarah
Chanukah is over and winter is upon us, but at Yad Sarah it is business as usual. See photo gallery above. Read more...

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Giving Stays in the Family
Elisheva Printz, lending director of the Jerusalem region, writes about Yad Sarah's newest branch in Kiryat Ye'arim (Telz- Stone) under the direction of the Felheimer family. * The family is continuing its own tradition as well as that of Yad Sarah's, and has established a local branch in their home * Photography: David Rothner *

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Hagit Yasu Gives Back
Customers who come to the Yad Sarah branch in Sderot are surprised to see Hagit Yasu sitting in front of one of the computers. (pictured) Hagit is well known as the winner of the "Kochav Nolad" program six years ago and received lots of publicity following the win.

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Where Does a Family from Oklahoma Turn When They Need Help in a Medical Emergency? Why, to Yad Sarah, Of Course!

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How Yad Sarah Built a Wheelchair Especially for Me
David Rothner talks about Yad Sarah’s special role in the rehabilitation of Shai Ben Israel, a victim of the latest wave of terror

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Come Volunteer At Yad Sarah
Yad Sarah needs you! Join the Yad Sarah family and experience the joy and fulfillment of giving. There are a wide variety of ways to volunteer

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Our Young People Also Give Back
Thanks to Shmuel Friedman, a high school student who has been volunteering at Yad Sarah's Givataim branch this summer. Helping out in the computer department,Shmuel also helps people carry borrowed equipment to their cars. We wish him the best of luck in his studies next year at a Jerusalem yeshiva. To volunteer, please call *6444

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Beit Safafa: Amina Aliyan speaks the Yad Sarah language
YS site reporter Sumiya Al Nabari talks with the director of the Jerusalem Beit Safafa branch

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When Music Became Therapy
Hamutal Ben Or, director of the Day Rehabilitation Center at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, describes how as the music played, the patient with Parkinson's stopped shaking * Thanks to Musethica from all of us at Yad Sarah * Photographer: David Rothner

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Our Mobile Dental Clinics Go National
Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski: There will be no elderly person unable to eat due to neglected dental treatment * Thanks to the assistance of the Helmsley Foundation, the dedicated staff of the Yad Sarah Mobile Dental Clinic will offer dental treatment to the homebound in every area of the country.

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The Yad Sarah Experience: Join our team of volunteer guides

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Yad Sarah is Now Part of the Fun in Jerusalem Family
When Fun in Jerusalem owner and creator Joanna Shebson was looking for a venue to host her family event, she chose Yad Sarah and became a fan

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