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We extend our sincerest condolences to her family and will remember her for her dedicated service to Yad Sarah and her community
Requests for Assistance from All Over the World
Requests are flooding into the Tourist Desk at the Department of Public Relations. For the first time, people in wheelchairs can fulfill their dream of visiting Israel, knowing that a full service tourist department can supply their every need – transportation from the airport in specially equipped vans, outfitting of hotel rooms with needed equipment, and much more. In the photo: Director of Tourist Services Nadia Alalu shows a map of locations from where Yad Sarah tourists originate
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Yad Sarah Reaches Out to Help Muquadam
Meet Muquadam, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy from Tanzania. He came to Israel under the auspices of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an NGO that arranges vital operations for children from developing countries in need of cardiac surgery. And Yad Sarah gave him a wheelchair to take home. In the photo: Muquadam with his mother and Yad Sarah Tourism Director Nadia Alalu.
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So Much More Than Just Wheelchairs!
They asked about borrowing a wheelchair - they received a complete guide to hosting an elderly relative in a safe and accessible environment * Reported by Shani Rosenfeld, director of the Exhibition and Guidance Center at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem * In the photo: Students of Social Work and Health Services, guests from Israel and abroad, come to the Center and get reliable information based on many years of professional experience
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In the Solomon Schechter School in Westchester, New York, they do more than just talk about their love for the Jewish state, they do something about it * A group of students got together and decided to bake cakes and hold a bake sale to raise money for Yad Sarah in Jerusalem, an organization best known for its medical equipment lending service* The teens arrived in Israel and headed straight for Yad Sarah’s Jerusalem headquarters with check in hand* They then rolled up their sleeves and helped clean and ready recently returned wheelchairs to be lent out once again to others in need
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Spring Comes to Yad Sarah
See slideshow above. 1-3. Enjoying a visit to the Yad Sarah Experience during the Passover holiday, 2017. 4. On the floor of the Lending Center at Yad Sarah House 5. Nursery with a heart- that's what we call the waiting area at Yad Sarah House in Modiin, where children can play while their parents collect equipment from the lending center. 6. Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski greets Reuma Weitzman, a longtime Yad Sarah supporter and the widow of the 7th president of Israel, Ezer Weitzman.
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Behind the Camera: Between Terror and Renewal- Expressions of Hope and Spiritual Strength
Volunteer Michael Cohen used his camera in an attempt to visually express the reality of living with terror. Cohen captured moments from the drawing class at Yad Sarah’s Day Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem and contrasted them with daily headlines describing deadly terrorist attacks that have left deep scars, both physical and emotional. To see the short video: click here.
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Joe Appleman Celebrates His 90th Birthday at Yad Sarah
The Yad Sarah family was thrilled and honored to celebrate the 90th birthday of our supporter and loyal friend, Joe Appleman, here at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem. Joining the festivities were his wife, Florence, his daughters and sons-in-law and many friends. Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski thanked him warmly for his many years of devotion to Yad Sarah and wished him many more years of good health and dedication to his fellow man. By David Rothner* Photo: Menashe Karni**
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Soldiers Decide to Contribute to Yad Sarah
She came on Aliyah from Atlanta, Geogia, to join the IDF. Her group of immigrant IDF soldiers decided to contribute to Yad Sarah – and Yvonne went to Jerusalem to bring their donation to the public relations and funding teams.* Pictured: Yvonne with Yad Sarah president and founder Uri Lopolianski, and director of public relations and funding Spide Yomtov
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קרא עוד...
Giving Stays in the Family
Elisheva Printz, lending director of the Jerusalem region, writes about Yad Sarah's newest branch in Kiryat Ye'arim (Telz- Stone) under the direction of the Felheimer family. * The family is continuing its own tradition as well as that of Yad Sarah's, and has established a local branch in their home * Photography: David Rothner *

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The Yad Sarah family of volunteers and employees
extends its condolences to the Director General of Yad Sarah, Moshe Cohen, and to his entire family on the passing of his father, Faivel Avraham Chaim, z'l. May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

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A Symbol of the Soul's Triumph over the Body - Pascale Bercovitch at a Festive Event of the Friends of Yad Sarah
The athlete, who has become an inspiring symbol of the ability of the spirit to overcome the limitations of the body, will be the guest of honor at a dinner held by the Friends of Yad Sarah in England to mark 40 years of Yad Sarah's work on behalf of Israeli society. In the photo: The invitation to the event and a moment from an interview conducted with Pascale by Ruti Shiloni of Channel 2

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Hagit Yasu Gives Back
Customers who come to the Yad Sarah branch in Sderot are surprised to see Hagit Yasu sitting in front of one of the computers. (pictured) Hagit is well known as the winner of the "Kochav Nolad" program six years ago and received lots of publicity following the win.

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Where Does a Family from Oklahoma Turn When They Need Help in a Medical Emergency? Why, to Yad Sarah, Of Course!

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NSN Israel Focus
Nachum Segal welcomed Michael Benson, volunteer director of Yad Sarah's Beer Sheva branch, to JM in the AM to highlight Yad Sarah's services available for both Israeli residents and tourists with disabilities

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"Keep Up the Good Work"
Israel Meron and Ruti Reches bring the Yad Sarah message to the Family Physicians Conference * In the photo: Professor Ilana Tzur

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The Exhibition and Guidance Center: Bringing Information about Access and Safety Aids to the Homebound - Because Knowledge is Power
Director of Yad Sarah's Exhibition and Guidance Centers Dvora Roitman talks about a new program introduced at Yad Sarah House in Rishon LeZion, in close collaboration with the Home and Community Services Department. * In the photo: Naomi Aharoni, volunteer physiotherapist, with Yedida Pen, sitting comfortably on a reclining armchair

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At Yad Sarah, We Cherish the Warm Human Connection We Have with Our Clients
At Yad Sarah branches throughout the country, all volunteers and staff will wear nametags *In the photo: CEO Moshe Cohen and senior staff members pose with their nametags

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An Electrifying and Moving Interactive Experience Connecting You to Yad Sarah’s Special World of Giving and Volunteering

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Yad Sarah is Now Part of the Fun in Jerusalem Family
When Fun in Jerusalem owner and creator Joanna Shebson was looking for a venue to host her family event, she chose Yad Sarah and became a fan

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Yad Sarah to Fight Domestic Abuse in the Negev
Yad Sarah has announced the opening of a Family Center in the western Negev to both treat victims and offer counseling to the perpetrators of domestic violence

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What is the State Controller Doing in a Wheelchair from Yad Sarah?

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Transverse Marketing: Entering, Getting more than was asked for originally
Dr. Yosef Hammerschlag, director of Yad Sarah's branch in Kiryat Shmona, describes moments of giving

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Video: See How We Give

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