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"Keep Up the Good Work"

Israel Meron and Ruti Reches bring the Yad Sarah message to the Family Physicians Conference * In the photo: Professor Ilana Tzur

Rachel Geffen, a Former Officer in the Israel Police Force, Brings Her Considerable Talents to Yad Sarah

Modi'in branch director Eli Rosenberg writes about a very special volunteer

Yad Sarah Offers a New and Innovative Solution to Prevent the Death of Infants Accidentally Left in Their Cars

Director of Yad Sarah Moshe Cohen appeared on Channel 10's late night program Night Tube and presented the new device, which could save many lives and prevent untold heartache. About 18,000 Internet surfers and about one million viewers saw the video prepared by Yad Sarah spokesperson Beni Cohen. The video, uploaded to the Facebook page of the Night Tube illustrates the simplicity and efficiency of operating the device, called "taf-tsafa" in Hebrew.

The Exhibition and Guidance Center: Bringing Information about Access and Safety Aids to the Homebound - Because Knowledge is Power

Director of Yad Sarah's Exhibition and Guidance Centers Dvora Roitman talks about a new program introduced at Yad Sarah House in Rishon LeZion, in close collaboration with the Home and Community Services Department. * In the photo: Naomi Aharoni, volunteer physiotherapist, with Yedida Pen, sitting comfortably on a reclining armchair

Our Young People Also Give Back

Thanks to Shmuel Friedman, a high school student who has been volunteering at Yad Sarah's Givataim branch this summer. Helping out in the computer department,Shmuel also helps people carry borrowed equipment to their cars. We wish him the best of luck in his studies next year at a Jerusalem yeshiva. To volunteer, please call *6444

"We Give the Survivors Our Heart"

And an impressive array of services - and, of course, a summer party that brings a smile to the faces of the guests. * Yad Sarah's Malka Malat Yahalom speaks with the director of the Holocaust Survivors Department, Edna Heisherik, and her dedicated volunteer team

Yad Sarah's Own Nachum Gitman Visits Orly and Guy at Channel 10

Director of YS Emergency Call Center Nachum Gitman visited Orly and Guy on their popular morning program and explained how our new state of the art Emergency Alarm Response System with motion sensor is saving lives every day. To watch the interview in Hebrew, click here.

The Entire Yad Sarah Family Mourns the Untimely Passing of Kiryat Sefer Branch Director Chaya Yehudit Klein z"l

We extend our sincerest condolences to her family and will remember her for her dedicated service to Yad Sarah and her community

Deaf Children Learn to Listen and to Speak in AV Israel’s New Home at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem

By Elaine Matlow, Executive Director Tal-El. A V Israel pioneered a method for integrating children with hearing disabilities into mainstream educational programs and now operates from Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem. "Here we feel positive energy and we feel at home."

In a Moving Ceremony, Holocaust Survivors in their 80s and 90s Celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall

Report by Edna Hishrick, Director of Holocaust Survivors Department * Photo courtesy of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation

Yad Sarah Employees, Volunteers and Departments Awarded the Mann Prize for Excellence

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JM in the AM's Nachum Segal Speaks with Libbie Goldstein from Jerusalem About How Yad Sarah Came Through for Her During the City's Record Breaking Snowstorm of 2013

Yad Sarah Revolutionizes Mobile Dentistry for Seniors

Yad Sarah's mobile dental unit will now be equipped with an advanced x-ray unit that can take pictures and develop them on the spot, allowing the attending dentist to treat the patient without delay. The equipment, purchased by the Helmsley Foundation, will facilitate the treatment of many more patients - and in one visit only. * In the photo: Dr. Guterman, the dentist in charge of mobile dentistry in the north with Naama Bronsky, chief dental assistant and director of Yad Sarah's mobile units.

Yad Sarah Reaches Out to Tourists

Jay Levinson and Abraham Domb report in the Jewish Tribune

Mazal Tov Yehudit

Yehudit Ester Salman from Alon Shvut chose to have her Bat Mitzva celebration at Yad Sarah. Her classmates happily joined the event, a real Yad Sarah Experience *Photo by volunteer Eli Cohen, their guide at the visitor's center

The Emergency Alarm Response System

State of the Art Technology and the Values of Yad Sarah

A World of Special Equipment: Improving Quality of Life

A special wheelchair equipped with air wheels for easy movement on the sand or for floating on the water * In the photo: Ahya, a volunteer in the special equipment warehouse, with the special chair and the vehicle used to transport equipment for home hospitalization. * Malka Malat Yahalom reports

Documenting the life story of Holocaust survivors: The trend - both a book and video clips

Written by Yad Sarah volunteer Malka Yahalom with Hagit Shaiovitz, who heads the Life Stories Project, working within the framework of Home and Community Services, directed by Anat Ben Zaken

Requests for Assistance from All Over the World

Requests are flooding into the Tourist Desk at the Department of Public Relations. For the first time, people in wheelchairs can fulfill their dream of visiting Israel, knowing that a full service tourist department can supply their every need – transportation from the airport in specially equipped vans, outfitting of hotel rooms with needed equipment, and much more. In the photo: Director of Tourist Services Nadia Alalu shows a map of locations from where Yad Sarah tourists originate

At Yad Sarah, We Cherish the Warm Human Connection We Have with Our Clients

At Yad Sarah branches throughout the country, all volunteers and staff will wear nametags *In the photo: CEO Moshe Cohen and senior staff members pose with their nametags

A Newly Refurbished Branch Exemplifies Yad Sarah's Unity of Purpose

Regional Director Elisheva Printz on the event dedicating the renovated branch building in Beit El * Group photo* Branch director Dina Zuntz is in the center.

An Electrifying and Moving Interactive Experience Connecting You to Yad Sarah’s Special World of Giving and Volunteering

"All You Do the Entire Day is Help People"

Abigail Klein Leichman reports for ISRAEL 21c: Yad Sarah's 7,000 volunteers and 160 employees lend medical gear, transport the disabled and much, much more.

Ashdod: A Little Branch That Does Big Things

Doing defines the Ashdod branch of Yad Sarah. *Report by Yad Sarah volunteer Michal Boney* In the photo: Branch director Hanna Gontov (second from right) with a group of her volunteers

Spring Comes to Yad Sarah

See slideshow above. 1-3. Enjoying a visit to the Yad Sarah Experience during the Passover holiday, 2017. 4. On the floor of the Lending Center at Yad Sarah House 5. Nursery with a heart- that's what we call the waiting area at Yad Sarah House in Modiin, where children can play while their parents collect equipment from the lending center. 6. Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski greets Reuma Weitzman, a longtime Yad Sarah supporter and the widow of the 7th president of Israel, Ezer Weitzman.

Our Mobile Dental Clinics Go National

Yad Sarah founder Uri Lupolianski: There will be no elderly person unable to eat due to neglected dental treatment * Thanks to the assistance of the Helmsley Foundation, the dedicated staff of the Yad Sarah Mobile Dental Clinic will offer dental treatment to the homebound in every area of the country.

Yad Sarah Gives Panic Buttons to Holocaust Survivors


AACI Learns about Yad Sarah

English-speaking immigrants enjoy a very informative visit to Yad Sarah's service center in Be'er Sheva * Exhibition and Guidance Center national director Dvora Roitman reports*

Israel’s Yad Sarah Has Prescription for U.S. Health Care System

In an opinion piece in the online Jewish Journal, Friends of Yad Sarah Executive Director Adele Goldberg explains how the successful Yad Sarah model may offer some creative solutions to the floundering U.S. health care system

Yad Sarah is Now Part of the Fun in Jerusalem Family

When Fun in Jerusalem owner and creator Joanna Shebson was looking for a venue to host her family event, she chose Yad Sarah and became a fan

Helmsley Charitable Trust Grants Help Yad Sarah Expand in Periphery

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich THE JERUSALEM POST

Yad Sarah Returns to Herzliya

In the photo: The new Yad Sarah branch in Herzliya

Yad Sarah Reaches Out to Help Muquadam

Meet Muquadam, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy from Tanzania. He came to Israel under the auspices of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an NGO that arranges vital operations for children from developing countries in need of cardiac surgery. And Yad Sarah gave him a wheelchair to take home. In the photo: Muquadam with his mother and Yad Sarah Tourism Director Nadia Alalu.

So Much More Than Just Wheelchairs!

They asked about borrowing a wheelchair - they received a complete guide to hosting an elderly relative in a safe and accessible environment * Reported by Shani Rosenfeld, director of the Exhibition and Guidance Center at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem * In the photo: Students of Social Work and Health Services, guests from Israel and abroad, come to the Center and get reliable information based on many years of professional experience

Yad Sarah to Fight Domestic Abuse in the Negev

Yad Sarah has announced the opening of a Family Center in the western Negev to both treat victims and offer counseling to the perpetrators of domestic violence

The Camera That Enables Rami to See and to Work

Haim Shibi with Rami Laskali, a car salesman whose sight became impaired gradually. However, thanks to a sophisticated camera that improves impaired vision, received from the Equal Opportunity Employment Service, he is now working and is grateful to the service and Yad Sarah for turning his life around

Demand for Yad Sarah's Services Rises

The Jerusalem Post's Judy Seigel-Itzkovich reviews the year 5776 at Israel's leading volunteer organization

Yad Sarah Pulls Together to Save Dinush

Yad Sarah staffers and volunteers work together to help save the life of Dina Rivkin, a little girl suffering from a devastating congenital disease.

"You are the ones who touch the visitors' hearts"

Yad Sarah reporter, volunteer Ora Maloul, reports from an assembly to honor the volunteer guides at the Yad Sarah Experience - an interactive, multimedia happening at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem *Photos by YS sites photographer Eli Cohen and a guide in the new center

Video: See How We Give


How Do You Say Yad Sarah in Chinese?

Foreign journalists react to a different face of Israeli society- the culture of giving at Yad Sarah. * In the photo: Yad Sarah Director-General Moshe Cohen greets the visitors


Yad Sarah expands its assistance to tourists with disabilities who want to tour Israel

President and founder of Yad Sarah Uri Lupolianski on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities * photo: A group of tourists from a sheltered housing community in New Jersey at the entrance to Yad Sarah in Jerusalem – the guests visited Jerusalem in Yad Sarah’s wheelchairs

"A Real Tourist Experience"

A delegation from the Tourism Ministry recently visited The Yad Sarah Experience and had only praise for the newly inaugurated visitor's center. Read here the letter received from Deputy Director-General Ahuva Zaken. In the photo: Malka Melamed and Zelina Ben Gershon, volunteer members of the Tourist Service staff, discussing options for the expansion of tourist services for people with physical disabilities.

Tourism: Our Red Carpet is Ready

A Very Warm Welcome Awaits You


Yad Sarah Branches - Everything You Need to Know

Click here for a complete list of our branches and their opening hours

Be'er Sheva: Yad Sarah is Awarded the Mayor's Shield for Outstanding Volunteer Organization

Another proof of the intensive involvement of Yad Sarah in the community enhancing the quality of life for so many * Michael Benson, director of Yad Sarah's Be'er Sheva branch, accepted the Shield at a festive event * Photography: Volunteer Stefan Radokano

Giving YS

Ra'anana: How can an organization run by volunteers succeed in granting so many services

A delegation of medical professionals from Chile, Mexico and Argentina visiting Ra'anana's Yad Sarah center * Avraham Karni, volunteer with the information staff in the center, documented and photographed * Thank you Ra'anana team

How Yad Sarah Built a Wheelchair Especially for Me

David Rothner talks about Yad Sarah’s special role in the rehabilitation of Shai Ben Israel, a victim of the latest wave of terror

"I really feel that you care. I am very touched by your call."

That was the emotional reaction of one of Yad Sarah's Haifa subscribers to the Emergency Call Center volunteer operator who contacted her to enquire about her situation. Haifa had been battling fires for days and its citizens were struggling. The staff offered to help in any way possible. * Photo from the Center in action* Yad Sarah volunteer reporter Eli Cohen was among the many Yad Sarah staff and volunteers who took it upon themselves to contact subscribers in the North.

Giving, simply giving – even from a wheelchair

Shlomi in Jerusalem and Shimon in Netanya - physical hardships do not hold them back from helping others

Salute to a Donor

Lee Friedman, a donor and friend of Yad Sarah, traveled to Israel from the States to see for herself the two vehicles she donated. One (pictured) is a unique van that safely transports the wheelchair-bound.


Rishon LeZion: Volunteer Driver Haim Niego Gives his Heart and Soul to His Special Passengers

Summer is a time for weddings, trips to the beach, family events. At Yad Sarah, drivers like Haim try to meet the demands of this busy season. By Yad Sarah site reporter Malka Malat Yahalom with a message from transportation coordinator Yaron Aviv in Jerusalem.

Yad Sarah Makes its Volunteers Feel Valued

Diary of the volunteer Fayyad Habashi * This series, bringing the inspiring stories of Yad Sarah volunteers, is the creation of volunteer Shekedia Cohen.

Beit Safafa: Amina Aliyan speaks the Yad Sarah language

YS site reporter Sumiya Al Nabari talks with the director of the Jerusalem Beit Safafa branch

We Need You Now - Come and Join us

And you will know why more than 6000 volunteers are saying: We get more than we give

Rivka Marchand Guides Tours in Both English and Spanish and Brings Her Special Latin Flair to the Visitor's Center

Meet volunteer Rivka Marchand, who brings a diverse background and much life experience to her job as multi-lingual tour guide at The Yad Sarah Experience. She is part of a very talented and enthusiastic group of English-speaking tour guides who love Yad Sarah and want to tell you all about it!

Doing something for my own wellbeing as well as for others * The story of Meytal Helfenbaum

Rina and Avner Cohen: Lending a Helping Hand at Yad Sarah

Shkeydia Cohen writes about a dedicated couple who volunteer their time and talents for the good of others

Yad Sarah's Ofer Shoshani – A Paradigm of Giving

Yad Sarah has become such a vital part of the cultural fabric of the city of Hadera that one of its own has been selected to light an Independence Day beacon – one of twelve – honoring 125 years since Hadera's founding

Yad Sarah Mourns the Passing of Longtime Supporter and Volunteer Bob Schwell

The Yad Sarah family is saddened by the sudden passing of one of its most active and dedicated supporters. Bob and his wife Suzan have both been involved with Yad Sarah in many capacities over the years.

Finding an Island of Coexistence in Kiryat Tivon

Coming from the world of high tech to a world of charity and giving "that directly influences the day to day lives of others," Ofer Inon has found great satisfaction in his work at Yad Sarah's Kiryat Tivon branch. This series bringing the inspiring stories of Yad Sarah volunteers is the creation of volunteer Shekedia Cohen.

The Road to Yad Sarah

By Shelly Wolf

100-year-old Israeli with ‘golden hands and big heart’ spends birthday volunteering

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH * Yehuda Losky touted as oldest volunteer in the Yad Sarah organization that helps the elderly, sick and lonely * THE JERUSALEM POST

Eliana Promises to Return

She came from the USA for a year of learning and connecting with her roots, and found what she wished for at the Exhibition and Guidance Center (directed by Shani Rosenfeld) at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem

Come take a walk with me

Come take a walk with me around Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem. It is an enchanted place. Follow me and I will show you the magic

Chaim Yadgar Can Take a Few Pieces of Metal and Turn Them into a Beautiful Menorah

The enthusiastic volunteers maintain and repair Yad Sarah's equipment and sometimes use the spare parts to create ornamental objects like a beautiful menorah for Chanukah* See video * Photo: Shmuel Ben Abu* Production: Simon Maurer of Inspire

Jerusalem, Har Hatzofim: Volunteering with Satisfaction – and Close to Home

From the diary of volunteer Avraham Ashkenazi * Series producer: Volunteer Shekedia Cohen * Thanks also to branch director Aryeh Noy, who shares his team's impressions with the readers of Yad Sarah News

Come Volunteer At Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah needs you! Join the Yad Sarah family and experience the joy and fulfillment of giving. There are a wide variety of ways to volunteer

Our Volunteers Just Love to Come to Work

Meet our volunteers- and one satisfied customer- who eagerly share with volunteer Shelley Hirschberg their thoughts on being a part of the Yad Sarah family

Day Rehabilitation Center

The Retired Judge Whose Passion for Carpentry Benefits Yad Sarah

At the carpentry shop at the Day Rehabilitation Center at Yad Sarah House in Ra'anana. In the photo: Retired judge Meir Shenhav with his special creation for the children. Photo: Itzik Yansovich

As the Music Played, the Patient with Parkinson's Stopped Shaking

Hamutal Ben Or, director of the Day Rehabilitation Center at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, talks about a moment when music became therapy * Thanks to Musethica from all of us at Yad Sarah * Photographer: David Rothner

Rina Brings Creativity to the Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center

Yad Sarah website volunteer, Eli Cohen, invites us to meet Rina Kramer, who presides over the artistic activities in the Beit Yad Sarah Rehabilitation Center. The patients choose their craft - sculpture, painting, weaving, jewelry or embroidery - Rina provides skill and guidance

Once Again Yad Sarah Steps Up to Answer a Need in the Community

Ahuva Litvak speaks about a new service at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem created especially to empower working women coping with disabilities and allow them time for physical therapy and exercise. *The Rehabilitation Department under the directorship of Sharona Sherman has created an accessible and practical solution for a very specific problem. The first group of women has already started physiotherapy during hours that are suited to their work schedules.*Department Coordinator: Rita Paran * In the photo: Sharona Sherman, Rita Paran and moments of empowerment

Love Comes to the Shikumon

Chemda and Amos met at Yad Sarah's Day Rehabilitation Center in Beer Sheva, and decided to get married! Our "family" is elated over this first-time event * Story by Miriam Kopeika

Emergency Alarm Center

The New Emergency Alarm Response System is for Everyone

Yad Sarah's Emergency Alarm Response System is not just for seniors or those living alone. Volunteer Shelly Wolf visits the Emergency Call Center and interviews director Nahum Gitman to find out who else can benefit from its newest state of the art system

Dental Clinic

Friendly, professional, well equipped

Welcome to Yad Sarah's dental clinic administrated by Dr. Tamar Kartin-Gabay (picture) * The clinic's staff is being helped by a new scanner; its purchase was enabled thanks to donations of USA Friends of Yad Sarah * By YS's sites reporter Millet Malka Yahalom

The Geriatric Dental Clinic: More Room for More Patients

Clinic director Dr. Tamar Kartin-Gabbay (in photo): The clinic combines professionalism, a warm welcome, and moderate fees

Equipment Lending

Do you have borrowed medical equipment from Yad Sarah that you still need? Click here to extend the loan period

Home and Community Services

A Thousand Stories

The Life Story Project at Yad Sarah has reached an exciting milestone – One Thousand Stories* Volunteer reporter Ora Malul talks about the special team that records for posterity the memories of Holocaust survivors and others who have a story to tell. In the photo: one of our storytellers, her granddaughter, and the volunteer who brought her story to life in Kiryat Tivon.

The Life Story Project Offers a Healing Experience to a Veteran Yad Sarah Volunteer

The Life Story Project offers both volunteers and storytellers a satisfying and meaningful experience. Read the story of one special volunteer, Lea On of Holon.

The story behind the life story

How did a charitable organization known internationally for its medical equipment lending service par excellence become also an organization that records the life stories of elderly Israelis as a legacy for their families? * Yad Sarah volunteer Charna Duchanov tells the story behind the story

Better Than Pills and Therapy

Dalia Lahav, a member of Pesek Zman (time out) club, talks with volunteer Ora Maloul, reporter of Yad Sarah internet site

Home Hospitalization

Yad Sarah sees rise in 'home hospital' equipment due to hospital overcrowding

Last year, Yad Sarah lend out 303,000 pieces of equipment to keep the elderly, lonely, injured and sick at home rather than be hospitalized * The Jerusalem Post * By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH


Judy Siegel-Itzkovich reports

Visitor's Center

The Yad Sarah Experience: Join our team of volunteer guides

Misc Services

Equal Employment for All: At Yad Sarah It Is Already Happening at “Yad LeTa’asuka Shava”

Yad Sarah is working to integrate people with disabilities into the workforce by helping to make the process simple and easy for employers. In the photo: Integrating people with disabilities into the entire spectrum of its facilities is part of the organizational culture of Yad Sarah. Here Public Relations and Fundraising Director Sepideh Yom Tov awards a Certificate of Appreciation to Gali Shemesh, who is responsible for Information Systems at the department.

People with vision impairment can borrow and try out Yad Sarah monitors that magnify texts

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich * Jerusalem Post

Yad Sarah and Yad Riva: Winning Battles For The Elderly

Yad Riva informs Israel’s at-risk indigent elderly population about their legal rights and assists them in achieving them. Yad Riva operates from within Yad Sarah branches nationwide and assists thousands of elderly people every year.